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1. Can I apply for the confirmation letter for the renewal of RapidKL student concession card here? 2019-11-18 Show/Hide
2. the toilet got clogged. 2019-11-13 Show/Hide
3. How to sign up for Turnitin? do you have any user guide? Thank you. 2019-11-07 Show/Hide
4. May I applying for an office phone? 2019-11-06 Show/Hide
5. I couldn't log into OPAC System for requesting books but I still could log into Moodle with same pas 2019-10-29 Show/Hide
6. Unable to login to Moodle? 2019-09-26 Show/Hide
7. How to request refund for my damaged printed papers? 2019-09-19 Show/Hide
8. Can visitors enter the library? 2019-09-19 Show/Hide
9. How to use printing service in library? 2019-09-19 Show/Hide
10. What are the opening hours of the library? 2019-09-19 Show/Hide