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1. Pdf book for CST402 ARM Assembly for Embedded Applications, 5th ed.2019 2020-03-25 Show/Hide
2. Unable to log in to apply for degree courses as progressing student 2020-03-18 Show/Hide
3. I would like to activate my Moodle Online Learning due to recent COVID-19 outbreak. Thanks. 2020-03-17 Show/Hide
4. May I know how I can use turnitin account? 2020-03-16 Show/Hide
5. Lecturer Kua My Media could not connect to My Media Mediasite Recorder service. 2020-03-03 Show/Hide
6. I am unable to receive emails from HR / AA anymore. 2020-03-03 Show/Hide
7. Why do I am seeing this error ("Your playback ticket is not valid for this session") in Moodle? 2020-02-17 Show/Hide
8. Where can we search the theses done by our seniors 2020-02-03 Show/Hide
9. My room electricity.......too high, compare with my friends LY4 D1101. Pls check asap ! 2019-12-09 Show/Hide
10. Can the borrowing hours extend to days instead of 4hours for master students? 2019-11-24 Show/Hide