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1. How to create an assignment in Moodle. 2019-03-13 Show/Hide
2. Is EGE202Circuit Foundation offer this 1902 semester, maybe to other batch of NESEstudent. 2019-02-25 Show/Hide
3. I tried to log in the XMUM Library Koha System with my Campus ID but could not make it. 2019-02-19 Show/Hide
4. Unable to reset password for student portal to pay tuition fee. 2019-01-28 Show/Hide
5. Projector screen keep displaying blue screen and obtaining IP from DHCP and not connecting to laptop 2019-01-10 Show/Hide
6. The speaker is not working. Please check the connection or cable. 2019-01-08 Show/Hide
7. Can we know when the A3 can be open for use? And can we search the book we want to borrow online? 2019-01-06 Show/Hide
8. What database we can access through library? such as EMBASE,WEB OF SCIENCE OR PROQUEST and how? 2018-12-24 Show/Hide
9. Do university is giving facility to service my personal laptop? It suddenly stops 2018-12-24 Show/Hide
10. I have experience slow wifi connection in my hostel room. Pls help to check. 2018-12-19 Show/Hide