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1. I would like to access InCites Journal Citation Reports. Institutional Sign-In is required. Kindly assist. Thank you. 2021-05-23 Show/Hide
2. Maintenance Office Mr Tan enquiry on how to access HR EMS from home using secure network. 2021-05-03 Show/Hide
3. There are some faculty who live on-campus and use printers for teaching purpose. Can any of A4 4th level printers be connected for work? Thanks 2021-04-15 Show/Hide
4. Unable access to ScienceDirect to download free access textbook. IT department done assessment and said need to get administrator to grant access. 2021-04-06 Show/Hide
5. How do I access online articles through the online platform? Is there any way to view the hardcopy books online? 2021-01-16 Show/Hide
6. Due to unknown reasons, I am unable to access my office workstation. Could you please help me to turn on this workstation at A1-414 2020-11-18 Show/Hide
7. May I know that book is allow to borrow or not during this MCO? 2020-11-16 Show/Hide
8. I accidentally deleted the announcement icon on Moodle.. How do I add it back? 2020-10-17 Show/Hide
9. I’m an International student and I’d like to find out if we will be having physical classes or online lessons 2020-09-29 Show/Hide
10. Hi, I would like to request a monitor screen (I have the laptop), is there any procedure to acquire this? thank you so much. 2020-08-24 Show/Hide