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101. How to login to Online Academic system? 2018-07-12 Show/Hide
102. What is the library opening hours? 2018-07-10 Show/Hide
103. 无法投影 2018-06-29 Show/Hide
104. How to reset the password for Campus ID? 2018-06-25 Show/Hide
105. Encounter error when login to Moodle. 2018-06-25 Show/Hide
106. Unable to output ppt from laptop to projector. 2018-06-25 Show/Hide
107. How to reset my campus email address password? 2018-06-22 Show/Hide
108. Block A Classes Speaker not working 2018-06-21 Show/Hide
109. can not find the books on the bookshelf. 2018-06-21 Show/Hide
110. Unable to access to Moodle using my Campus ID password. 2018-06-20 Show/Hide