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21. How to rename Guest name in Microsoft Teams 2021-10-28 Show/Hide
22. QA Yvonne Hoh is unable to login to edit office document page in 2021-09-17 Show/Hide
23. The airconditioner in B215 had not been working well since last Thursday. Other offices such as B217 and B218 were affected as well. 2021-07-12 Show/Hide
24. May I know that book is allow to borrow or not during this MCO? 2020-11-16 Show/Hide
25. I’m an International student and I’d like to find out if we will be having physical classes or online lessons 2020-09-29 Show/Hide
26. Hi, I would like to request a monitor screen (I have the laptop), is there any procedure to acquire this? thank you so much. 2020-08-24 Show/Hide
27. The light in the stairs of B35 is broken. 2020-08-19 Show/Hide
28. Basin stuck 2020-08-18 Show/Hide
29. Two lights in living room and one in inner kitchen not working properly. 2020-08-12 Show/Hide
30. The aircon in the room is not working well. No cold air coming from the aircon. I am happy if someone could come to my room to fix the aircon. Thanks. 2020-08-11 Show/Hide