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31. I am unable to receive emails from HR / AA anymore. 2020-03-03 Show/Hide
32. Why do I am seeing this error ("Your playback ticket is not valid for this session") in Moodle? 2020-02-17 Show/Hide
33. Where can we search the theses done by our seniors 2020-02-03 Show/Hide
34. My room electricity.......too high, compare with my friends LY4 D1101. Pls check asap ! 2019-12-09 Show/Hide
35. Can the opening hours extend to the night in the weekend? 2019-11-24 Show/Hide
36. How to sign up for Turnitin? do you have any user guide? Thank you. 2019-11-07 Show/Hide
37. I couldn't log into OPAC System for requesting books but I still could log into Moodle with same pas 2019-10-29 Show/Hide
38. Clog water pipe. 2019-10-15 Show/Hide
39. Unable to login to Moodle? 2019-09-26 Show/Hide
40. toilet ceiling is dripping water 2019-09-22 Show/Hide