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61. What is Campus ECard? 2018-09-28 Show/Hide
62. Unable to login ePayment for Tuition Fee payment 2018-09-27 Show/Hide
63. How do I move my old Moodle course from year 2017 to 2018 folder? 2018-09-18 Show/Hide
64. Hi, I am a new staff here. Does XMU have subscriptions to research journals like PRD, CQG, Nature? 2018-09-14 Show/Hide
65. Encountered "Access denied message" when access to Academic Affairs Online System. Please check. 2018-09-14 Show/Hide
66. Unable to access Academic Affairs Online System to view my time table, but able to access ASKA. 2018-09-14 Show/Hide
67. How do I request for Turnitin Account? 2018-09-06 Show/Hide
68. During office relocation, should I be moving Ip deskphone and network cable to the new office too? 2018-09-06 Show/Hide
69. Unable to Top up in ECard Payment Portal. How to allow top up page to pop-up in Mozilla Firefox? 2018-08-29 Show/Hide
70. How to download note/assignment/file in Moodle? 2018-08-29 Show/Hide