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1. How to check the due date of books borrowed by using the Koha system? I tried but can't log in to the page with default or customized ID & passwords. 2022-09-13 Show/Hide
2. Dr Zhang requested for the rooms reservation booking to be fixed for important meeting booking 2022-08-30 Show/Hide
3. Cleaner has done some cleaning earlier this morning. My office table foots are soaked and it still feel wet inside when I touch it. Refer to picture. 2022-07-23 Show/Hide
4. Home PC setup remote 2022-07-20 Show/Hide
5. Can you please check the leave application website that why i am unable to get the permission to apply for leave. There is some error pop up. 2022-07-07 Show/Hide
6. Would like to request to exchange 2 mattresses and 2 chairs for accommodations room due to having rat poo and a new set of batteries for aircon remote 2022-04-27 Show/Hide
7. Hi. I would like to request a dustbin for office use. Thank you. 2022-04-26 Show/Hide
8. My office chairs are mouldy. I have cleaned and wiped several times, but it is still there. Therefore, I would like to request to change my chair 2022-04-25 Show/Hide
9. Any free Microsoft Office software to download? 2021-12-06 Show/Hide
10. How to rename Guest name in Microsoft Teams 2021-10-28 Show/Hide