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1. I'm a new lecturer and I haven't got a Turnitin account for my students to submit their assignments. Kindly assist. 2023-10-18 Show/Hide
2. CHAN LING MENG (2723027) requested - How to Copy Course Materials from Another Course. 2023-09-04 Show/Hide
3. Create additional user for 107 PC for General Use 2023-03-31 Show/Hide
4. Lecturer FEROOZE ALI BIN AHSAD AHMAD 2723017 enquiry on how to bulk enroll student into a course? 2023-02-08 Show/Hide
5. Lecturer CHAN LING MENG 2723027 enquiry on semester starts preparation for Moodle 2023-02-08 Show/Hide
6. FanZiquan seek help ecard top card. 2023-01-05 Show/Hide
7. Lecturer Vincent 2721097 enquiry on how to upload student Moodle marks in bulk? 2023-01-04 Show/Hide
8. I encountered an issue in Turnitin where it reaches the student limit and couldn't enroll in the respectively given class, need help to resolve 2022-12-10 Show/Hide
9. How to check the due date of books borrowed by using the Koha system? I tried but can't log in to the page with default or customized ID & passwords. 2022-09-13 Show/Hide
10. Dr Zhang requested for the rooms reservation booking to be fixed for important meeting booking 2022-08-30 Show/Hide