Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies 华社研究中心

Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies , CMCS was established in 1985 by fifteen national-level Chinese associatins to serve as a community-funded research and resource centre. It is registered under the Companies Act of 1965 as a nonprofit limited company dedicated to the prusuit of research and the promotion of understanding. It publish and disseminates research findings, organize conferences, promote collaboration and exchange related to its research including areas on culture, history, society, economy, politics and other aspects of Malaysian Chinese and their relations with other communities and the Chinese diaspora.

华研通讯 n. 14
马来西亚华人研究学刊 v. 22
马来西亚华人研究学刊 9771511004405
Reviewing Malaysian education 9839673041
华研通讯 no. 13
商余吟草 增修版 9789870988784
与星共舞长青园 :为中化九十献诗祝嘏