Mr. 黄世忠

Mr. 黄世忠 , 南洋大学历史系1965届文学士,曾任《南洋商报》编辑,住吉隆坡。

A dictionary of modern history 1789-1945
A junior anthology of poetry for schools in South-east Asia
A people's history of England
A short history of Africa 0140410023
A short history of the Middle East
A short history of the Nanyang Chinese
A study of history, v. 3
Africa since 1800 0521058635
An introduction to the Constitution of Malaysia
An outline history of Africa
Bahasa dan Kegangsaan
Beyond candlesticks : New Japanese charting techniques revealed 047100720X
Canada : this beautiful land 0831787007
Candlestick charting explained 1557388911
Company law 0712103643
Control systems engineering 9780805354249
Electrical machines, drives, and power systems 9780135713334
Encyclopaedia Britannica.--15th ed.
Hikayat Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir, Munshi
Hikaytat Anggun Che' Tunggal
Indians in Malaysia and Singapore
Investment analysis
Japanese candlestick charting techniques 0139316507
Journal of an embassy to the courts of Siam and Cochin China
Kajian puisi Melayu
Kebudayaan sa-pintas lalu, 1-3
Latehan Bahasa Kebangsaan
Meetings 0712113142
No harvest but a thorn
Office administration 0712115110
Ownership and control in the Malayan economy
Principle of tourism : a New Zealand perspective 9780582809994
Principles of electrical engineering materials and devices 9780256161731
Problems of the Malayan economy
Questions and answers on the law of meetings
Sajak : Madah Pujangga
Sejarah ringkas tenah Melayu
September 11 9780130449740
South-east Asia in world history 2 : The expansion of Europe
Technical analysis explained 9780071127783
Technical analysis of the futures markets 9780138980085
The birds of the Malay Peninsula : Singapore & Penang
The Chinese in Modern Malaya
The company sevretary's desk book
The Constitution of Malaysia.--3d ed.
The great book os modern warplanes 0517633671
The law of meetings 0712112278
The making of modern Malaya
The Making of Modern Malaysia and Singapore 0196381207
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The right way to conduct meetings, conferences and discussions
The ultimate book New Zealand gardening book 1869531884
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海湾战争纵览 7800542904
简明不列颠百科全书 = Concise Encyclopedia Britannica
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文史知识 1981.6
中国大百科全书 :大气科学、海洋科学、水文科学
中国大百科全书 :航空、航天
中国大百科全书 :军事 I & II
中国大百科全书 :天文学
中国现代史 9576360730
中华揽胜 7800240002