Mr. XIAO Dehong 萧德洪

Mr. XIAO Dehong , Director of Information & Network Services of Xiamen University; CIO & Dean of Library, XMUM. Former University Librarian of XMU.

The Choice : Islam and Christianity
500 questions & answers on Islamic jurisprudence 9776005292
Carolyn 101 : business lessons from The Apprentice's straight shooter 0743270223
Comprehensive Malay dictionary 9789679787504
Essays in Islamic economics 9780860372462
Fatwas of Muslim women 9776005004
Flowers in the blood : the story of Opium 9781626365407
Islam in the modern world 9780061905803
Islamic banking, finance and insurance 9789830652122
Islamic economics education in Southeast Asian universities 9789834460013
Islamicisation of knowledge and English literary studies 9789671448007
Perspectives on morality and human well-being 9780860373872
Pure-land Zen : letter from Patriarch Yin Kuang
Studies in Islamic civilization 9781565643505
Tan Kah Kee
Ten steps ahead 9781591843764
The adulteress 9781594144813
The Azusa St Mission & revival 9780785216933
The black stallion 9780375855825
The island of Dr. Librais 9780385388443
The scientific miraclulousness of the Prophetic Sunnah 9776005616
The thunder of Giants 9781250050847
The universal periodic review of Southeast Asia 9789670960951
A nation awakes : Frontline reflections 9789810710378
Afghan women 9781842778562
Animal farm. 1984 9788182529977
Art-led participative processes 9789670960180
Banking on poisons 9839381032
Beyond US hegemony? 9781842777091
Billion dollar whale 9780316453479
Biosafety first 9789832729983
Blogging and democratization in Malaysia 9789833782536
Building-democracy on the sand 9789791704915
Comet in our sky : Lim Chin Siong in history 9789670630816
Consumer power : anywhere, anytime, anyone 9789834384159
Dancing the Malaysian 9789675832345
Dark spring : essays on the ideological roots of Malaysia's GE-13 9789675832888
Death of the Dragon God Lake : voices from Tasik Chini, Malaysia 9789670960241
Duke : Inspector Mislan & the DUKExpressway murders 9789833221332
Easy riders, raging bulls 9780684857084
Electoral dynamics in Sarawak 9789670960562
Entrepreneurship in Vietnam 9789812301161
Ethnic relations and nation building 9789833782932
Fong Chong Pik : the memoirs of a Malayan Communist revolutionary 9789833782475
Fourteen miles to Berjuntai 9789832344483
From unity to multiplicities : social movement transformation and democratization in Asia 9789675832451
Gender politics in Asia 9788776940157
Gerakan Pendidikan Cina di Malaysia 9789675832710
Global prescriptions : gendering health and human rights 9781842770078
'Honour' : Crimes, paradigms, and violence against women 9781842776261
In the wake of terror 9789814022750
Indonesia's fires and haze : the cost of catastrophe 9789812300218
IPS gender and development glossary 9786169022718
Kanjian perbandingan pantun Melayu dengan Nyanyian Rakyat Cina 9789670630526
Language choices and discourse of Malaysian families 9799832535989
Lao economic reform & WTO accession 9789812300485
Making and unmaking the asylum 9789833782765
Malaysian women's human rights report 2010/11 9789671083604
Managing construction waste in Malaysia 9789839444865
Myanmar : beyond politics to societal imperatives 9789812303011
Negotiating a 'development agenda' for the world intellectual property organisation 9789832729716
Nineteen Eighty-Four 9787542631466
No country for righteous men and other essays in a culture of offendedness 9789670630120
On brittle ground 9789670960760
Our thoughts are free : peoms and prose 9789810825119
Overwhelming terror 9789833782703
Point of no return 9789833782215
Reflections on Malaysian unity and other challenges 9789671566701
Remembering Socilist China 1949-1976 9789670960005
Retrospective : a historiographical aesthetic in contemporary Singapore and Malaysia 9789670960401
Rhetoric and realities : critical reflections on Malaysian politics, culture and education 9789675832796
Second thoughs : on Malaysia, globalisation, society and self 9789670630977
Seeds of dissent 9789832344360
Slovo 9781875284955
Social change in an urban neighbourhood in Klang 9789670630885
Social roots of the Malay Left 9789833782444
Social science and knowledge in a globalising world 9789675832574
Socioeconomic renovation in Viet Nam 9789802300679
Socio-historical development of the Kampung Cina Settlement in Kuala Terengganu 9789675832819
Speaking out loud for national unity 9789834244040
Taking Southeast Asia to Market 9789833782673
The Chinese language movement in Malaysia, 1952-1967 9789670960043
The development dictionary 1856490440
The education of ethnic minorities : the case of the Malaysian Chinese 9789675832062
The emergence and widening of ethnic divide in the Malaysian educational system 9789670630847
The initiative for the formation of a Malaysan interfaith commission 9789834200961
The Memoirs of Shamsiah Fakeh : From AWAS to 10th Regiment 9789833782772
The mighty wave 9789675832178
The Prime Minister's secret 9789832344445
The road to reform : Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor 9789675832031
The Universal periodic review of Southeast Asia 9789670960951
Tiger Isle : a government of thieves 9789832344087
Towards a competitive Malaysia 9789833782208
Trauma, memory and transformation 9789670630229
Ugly Malaysians : South-South investments abused 9780620288637
Views from Pulau Pinang : Countering modern orientalism and policy perspectives 9789672165170
Voices from Moro Land : perspectives from Stakeholders and observers on the conflict in the Southern Philipppines 9789833782369
Water governance dynamics in the Mekong region 9789670960449
江湖救急 :释放EO6实录 9789675832536
老板上街了! : 428黄绿大集会纪事 9789675832611
马礼堂养气功荟萃 7535703747
图经本草 :辑复本
饮食疗法 :正编、续一、续二合订本
中老年保健手册 7805430292
Communion town 9780007454761
For the term of his natural life 9781864760750
French interiors 9789812457172
Ludmila's broken English 9780393062373
Madonna : like an icon 0780552153614
Notorious 9780316011860
Pashazade : the first Arabesk 0743202848
Redefined interiors : vol. 2 9789812451316
Summer of love 9780749008109
The fountain 9780749008406
The garden of Venus 0007180446
The trout opera 9780385615068
True blue 9780446195515
沈慕羽日记全集 第1卷
沈慕羽资料汇编 8:图说沈慕羽