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11. My sink is blocked and the faucet sometimes leaks. Thank you so much. 2020-01-30 Show/Hide
12. I had already informed maintenance few times about the library air conditional services got problems and very hot since morning, the temperature now is more than 28 degrees...... please kindly help.TQ 2020-01-28 Show/Hide
13. Both the desk phones in our office are not working 2020-01-16 Show/Hide
14. 厕所天花板再再再度发霉 2020-01-06 Show/Hide
15. Water dripping from air-conditioner. Everyday I found small pool of water on my table. Please check before it develops into something more serious. Thank you. 2019-11-01 Show/Hide
16. air conditioner spoil.It leak out water 2019-07-27 Show/Hide
17. Two D2 washing machines are broken and need fixing. Please look into the problem 2019-05-25 Show/Hide
18. Basin stuck for three weeks and we called for maintainence for two weeks and no one is coming up to repair. 2019-05-24 Show/Hide
19. refrigerator cannot freeze for the frozen layer 2019-05-23 Show/Hide
20. The water dispenser at the pantry of third floor is not functioning. The water come out are warm. 2019-05-23 Show/Hide